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Crypt 33

Celebrating Oscar winners at a Variety Children's Charity fundraiser, at the Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

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After a cumulative 60 years of investigation, Adela Gregory and the late Milo Speriglio, celebrity investigator, unearthed unprecedented details of the life and assassination of Marilyn Monroe, naming the names of 11 people in the "Hierarchy of the Hit". Milo Speriglio was a seasoned investigator with over 35 years of experience prior to his passing.

Internationally acclaimed forensic pathologist, Cyril Wecht, M.D, J.D commented; "Adela Gregory did the best autopsy of Marilyn Monroe."

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Marilyn Monroe

You may think you know everything there is to know about Marilyn Monroe, but if you haven’t read Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe - The Final Word, then you only know a fraction of the story.

Yes, Marilyn was connected to some of the biggest names of the time; Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, and President John F. Kennedy (JFK), also Mob connections like mafia legends Jimmy Hoffa and Sam Giancana, but do you really know the whole story? Crypt 33 does not only connect these and many other famous figures to Marilyn Monroe, but creates a mosaic of intertwined stories of deception and conspiracy too vast to understand if you don’t read it.

Marilyn Monroe

However you may believe that Marilyn Monroe met her ultimate demise, Crypt 33 will pave the way for you to understand how she got there. By the time you've finished reading this book your view of the blond bombshell will be forever changed.

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